Device Lifecycle Pricing and Operation Insights

SaaS platforms that deliver the industry’s most complete mobile device lifecycle pricing and operation insights for running trade-in, upgrade, warranty, and insurance programs.  

Determining the right balance between trade-in prices that spur new device purchases while still maximizing the revenue generated from preowned device sales is critical in today’s mobile business. Being off by just a few dollars can add up to tens of millions of dollars in lost or under-realized revenue in just a year’s time.

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Greater Insight

One out of three managers frequently makes critical decisions without the information needed
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More Efficient Access

One out of two managers doesn’t have access to the information needed to perform their job
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Ability to Predict

Three out of four business leaders say more predictive information would drive better decisions

Market Insights Analytics Benefits for Your Teams:

  • Manage pricing decisions and achieve operational improvements through a comprehensive set of end-to-end mobile device lifecycle values with the ability to analyze pricing in the past, present, and future

  • Get actionable trade-in insights for all levels of an organization to help drive promotions, upgrades, trade-ins/turn-ins, accessory attach rates, and enhance the overall lifecycle relationship with the end customer

  • Identify areas of inefficiencies and increase attach rates with data-driven, continuous trade-in process improvements
  • Leverage predictive models to manage dynamic and global information on device pricing, supply, and demand




What is Assurant Device IQ?

Assurant’s Device IQ provides your team with proprietary market insights and pricing data to help you optimize the economics of trade-ins and upgrades.

The subscription-based SaaS platform leverages over a million data points, includes fully automated feeds from dozens of the top programs globally, has a robust catalog of devices, and provides access to historical ASP trends.

Trade-In Values

Delivers current Trade-in Value (TIV) benchmarking across thousands of SKUs for all major carriers, retail, and OEM programs. Increased visibility into historical trending analysis and predictive forecasting TIVs

Competitive Prices for Used & CPO Devices

Access to historical, current, projected retail and wholesale market values for a broad array of SKUs provides the information needed to determine the best disposition for devices.

Future Wholesale


Industry leading forecast modules gives the information needed for residual value planning with up to 60-month forecasts.

Business and Operations Insights

Business and Operations reporting provides a closer look at the trends within your trade-in program. Access to key performance metrics such as trade volume, trade mix and regional trends gives the information needed to determine if enhancements are needed.

Operation reports allow you to keep track of devices by monitoring trade flows, cycle times and inventory tracking.

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