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Dealership Service Training

Today’s service department is a critical component of the automotive customer experience and a major contributor to overall revenue. Ensuring a consistently positive experience can help you meet your profitability goals in challenging times. The Automotive Training Academy offers comprehensive service training proven to increase customer retention and dealership revenue. We offer fully customized programs that build value by maximizing current and future profits, raising CSI scores and establishing a consistent pattern of practice. With Assurant by your side, you can look forward to an optimized service department and satisfied customers who come back for repeat purchases.

Dealership Service Class Overviews

Using an interactive teaching method, we’ll apply group discussions, roleplay, and performance evaluations to ensure each employee's thorough understanding and competency. These practice sessions simulate real-world experiences and model the skills necessary to increase an employee's grasp of customer-centered selling. And, since our training is designed to have an immediate impact across your service team, you can look forward to better revenue today and down the road. 

Service Advisor’s Blueprint

A course for service advisors on how to increase service drive profitability through the use of  effective communication on the value of service contracts and proper vehicle maintenance.

Attendees will develop the skills and knowledge to:

  • Increase their ability to sell service contracts and maintenance agreements
  • Perform an effective service sales interview utilizing sales aides
  • Learn how to reduce the number of “waiting” customers
  • Develop effective verbal and nonverbal communication skills
  • Expand customer loyalty by building rapport 

Who should attend:

Service advisers and service managers of all experience levels.

Service Evaluation

Discover missed opportunities for increased revenue and CSI scores through a detailed, in-dealership evaluation of the service drive by a tenured Automotive Training Academy service trainer.

The detailed evaluation includes:

  • Service lane operations overview
  • Advisor Key Performance Indicator (KPI) review
  • CSI and client experience deep dive
  • Profitability assessment
  • Repair Order analysis.
  • Short and long-term improvement action plans
  • Revenue opportunity review
  • Examine workflow on the lane
  • Meet and interview service advisors
  • Review the service drive customer experience
  • Uncover potential financial and legal exposures

Online Dealership Training

Time is precious, and every minute a top producer is away from the dealership could be costly. To accommodate your needs and provide your team with vital knowledge and expertise needed to succeed, we offer online team development and dealership training courses through the ATA On-Demand learning platform. Like our in-person training, our online courses are designed to be highly interactive and deliver immediate impact to your dealership.

ATA On-Demand

Subscribe to our next-gen learning platform to access self-guided dealership training and live coaching through video and online roleplay scenarios that build effective real-life sales skills.

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