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Help customers keep devices secure and running smoothly

Smart Solutions for Your Subscribers' Connected World

Buying a new smart device can be exciting for subscribers. They’re looking forward to trying out all the new bells and whistles of the new device, but the unfamiliarity of some of the features may leave some customers feeling anxious about how to use the device safely. That’s where Pocket Geek Mobile comes in. Pocket Geek Mobile helps keep devices secure and running smoothly, offers one-tap access to live tech support, protects personal data and content, and gives access to mobile protection plan benefits and claims.
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Coverage Center

Instant access coverage details, and the ability to file, and track claims

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Premium Tech Support

Unlimited access to live tech pros via call or chat

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Help Center

1,000s of device-specific quick fixes for the DIY consumer

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Device Security

Help consumers shop, bank, and browse safely

Drive Subscriber Value and Engagement

Assurant’s protection plan program, combined with the Pocket Geek Mobile app, creates a comprehensive solution that helps wireless providers drive subscriber value and engagement while providing access to new revenue streams. For over 300 million consumers around the world, we deliver end-to-end protection solutions for a seamless customer experience. And we're ready to help your subscribers next.

Pocket Geek Mobile Features

Comprehensive device protection, security, and optimization

  • Acts as a personal tech genius for your customers, working behind the scenes to keep their devices running smoothly
  • Available for Android and iOS devices
  • Can be custom branded to drive deeper customer entanglement with your company
  • Provides customers with instant access to coverage information, claims, self-help, and live tech support
  • Comes with built-in diagnostics and cybersecurity features to protect your customers and increase functionality
  • The optional Pocket Geek® Cloud companion app offers customers the opportunity to engage with their content across platforms and multiple devices with sharing, backup, sync, restore, TV casting, and printing of personalized merchandise features

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