Agent Insights June 2020 Newsletter

First Extended helps dealers generate immediate cash flow.

If your clients are looking for a solution to generate cash flow right now, Assurant Agent Services First Extended program is your answer. First Extended offers a comprehensive menu of products for new and used vehicles, including certified pre-owned programs and prepaid vehicle maintenance plans, and allows dealers to make the most out of every service contract sold while controlling the money generated.

Not only does the First Extended program offer immediate cash flow, it provides dealers with benefits such as superior loss control, reporting based on real-time data, world-class claims administration and more. And First Extended can be up and running in your client’s dealership in a matter of weeks. Assurant’s commitment to First Extended makes it the leading choice of dealers nationwide.

If you’d like more information or help with a free client analysis, contact a member of the Agent Group Team.

Digital contracting enhances First Extended products and services.

First Extended products and services have never been easier to use, thanks to digital contracting, which is now in place. Assurant is proud to announce that full integration with dealer systems is bringing convenience and efficiency to the First Extended contract process.

Our team has tapped into technology to streamline back-end processes that will positively impact the bottom line by allowing First Extended clients the ability to submit and receive contracts and payments digitally. With a reduced amount of paperwork handling and quicker turnaround times, Assurant’s digital contracting will save clients time and money, while improving the customer experience.

To find out if your client’s menu system is integrated or for more information, contact your Agent Group representative.

Assurant supports your efforts as an F&I influencer.

As a trusted advisor who brings value to all areas of a dealership, your role as a leader in the automotive field is critical. Whether finding the best balance of F&I products, staying abreast of the latest training techniques or helping your client stay compliant, we know serving as the primary source for information requires consistent processes, customer insights and a business partner you can count on. At Assurant Agent Services, our Agent Group team is here to help!
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The best balance of F&I products and services

With dealers facing great challenges in our current economic climate, F&I departments are being looked at to combat compressed profit margins. For agents, the pressure to provide products and services that appeal to dealers and deliver value for consumers has never been greater. As you work to provide a full suite of products, count on us for support. We offer value-added service programs, maintenance services and pre-certified programs. And our First Extended program allows your dealers to control the cash flow and make the most out of every service contract sold.

The latest in training:

Training plays a critical role in ensuring every member of the team has the skills they need to be the best they can be. But with the ever-changing market it can be a challenge to keep up with the evolving consumer buying experiences and the new way products are being sold. We see training as more than just an event — it’s a game plan. Our highly flexible F&I training is a complete playbook for the kind of measurable behavior change that boosts customer experience and your client’s bottom line.

Currently, Assurant is offering free 2-hour online webinars designed to help financial service managers and sales managers improve deal yields and connect with customers. These new courses are offered through Assurant’s Performance Institute — the renowned F&I training platform. Additional information and registration for Assurant’s webinars are available here.


A consistent compliance program

As an influencer in the F&I compliance process, you have the power to help keep your clients free from risk. Accurate product information, consistent processes and updated checklists with built-in reviews will ensure a successful program and add value to your dealer partnership. We understand compliance and can help you build the components for a program that instills transparency and a trusting culture.

Moving Forward

We hope you’ve found this information helpful and remain committed to providing you with updates as they become available. We’re all in this together and at Assurant we’re working to help you move forward. For more information about any of the information above or to speak with an Assurant Agent Services Agent Group representative, please contact Mike Howse or your Assurant representative.