Our Differences Make us Stronger

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Assurant

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Assurant



Supporting 300 million

We value the diverse voices and talents of our people at Assurant because creating a global culture of mutual respect is simply the right thing to do. A truly inclusive culture is a journey, and we know we have more to learn. So we renew our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion every day. Because it’s only by listening to and valuing different perspectives today that we can create the innovations of tomorrow. 


Is who we are.


Is how we’re treated.


Is how we feel.

“At Assurant, we work to create spaces that employees can safely bring their whole selves every day—and we lead with our actions to create an inclusive workplace and community, for everyone.  Our DEI efforts are embedded in our business and are a strategic lever for our leaders. We understand that by reflecting our community, we are more innovative and can better serve our customers.” 

-Jerrell Moore 
Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Striving to do better

A workforce that is more representative of the communities we serve and a workplace that creates a sense of belonging for everyone, means a better Assurant for everyone, everywhere. 

Workforce Goals

Develop the next generation of future leaders by increasing the diversity of our leadership and incoming talent pipeline and applying inclusive equitable practices.

Workplace Goals

Foster an environment where everyone feels valued and included, while advocating for change where necessary 

Marketplace Goals

Enhance our access to a diverse supplier ecosystem by partnering with like-minded organizations and suppliers 

Continued Committment

“Equity and inclusion improves performance, creates growth opportunities, enhances engagement and helps us further align with the expectations of our clients” 

-Alan Colberg 
Assurant President and CEO 

Diversity by the numbers

Our differences make us stronger. That’s why we’re tailoring a strategic approach to build a diverse set of future leaders at Assurant.


Our workforce is 62% women and 51% underrepresented minorities. 

Board of Directors

Assurant’s board of directors is 25% women and 25% underrepresented minorities.


Our workforce is 62% women and 51% underrepresented minorities. 

Assurant Awards and Recognition

Striving for Excellence.

Valuing Every Voice

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At Assurant, we strive to create a trusting place to have complex, sometimes difficult, conversations. We encourage open dialogue to build trust, encourage compassion and reinforce our commitment to inclusivity.