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Oct 22, 2021

Assurant STARS: Pushing for Workplace Disability Inclusion

Our workforce is stronger when it’s made of the people it serves. This includes people of all abilities.

Sep 14, 2021

Compassion, Coding, and Core Values: Celebrating The Coding Sisters

It’s easy to talk about core values, but to embody them while inspiring others is something exceptional. Yet that’s what Assurant DevOps Engineer Coaches Rosie and Yola Belisario, also known on Instagram as the Coding Sisters, do every day. And th...

Sep 7, 2021

More Leases Signed in the New Work From Home Era

Renters needs are changing, driven by a combination of pandemic-induced necessity and technological capability. As we move slowly into a post-pandemic world, the demand for work-from-home amenities and other connected features will likely continue...

Sep 3, 2021

Assurant Celebrates International Day of Charity

September 5, named International Day of Charity by the United Nations, serves as an opportunity for our employees across the globe to celebrate our collective commitment to charitable causes. At Assurant, we’re proud to reflect on some of our rece...

Aug 13, 2021

People Around the World Agree: Tech is Improving Life

For the first time in Assurant’s 6 years of researching connected consumer trends, the majority of people across every generation in almost every country surveyed have a positive view of connected technology.

Aug 13, 2021

Connected Tech Use is at an All-Time High – Along with Consumer Frustrations

Consumer interest in connected technology is at an all-time high, thanks to the work- and school-at-home trends that have been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. With many people working from home for the first time, helping kids learn from hom...

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