By now, those of us in the mobile business are really familiar with the consolidations of the big carriers in the U.S. market, such as AT&T’s acquisition of Cricket, Metro by T-Mobile, and Tracfone bought by Verizon. Consolidations, which happened in both the prepaid and postpaid sectors, have increased competition and required significant capital at a time when carriers were (and are) under pressure to generate sufficient profitability to satisfy shareholders. Assurant understands the prepaid customer’s unique needs with more than 15 years of experience driving the industry’s best KPIs in this sector.

“These consolidations represent an opportunity for us to continue offering our innovative, world-class protection solutions to fit both the prepaid and postpaid customers, so everyone wins.”


Offering new features and add-on services, such as tech support or data backup, to prepaid customers can improve the customer experience and generate increased prepaid business in much the same way those offerings impact carriers’ postpaid plans.

“These add-on services are usually sold outside of the rate plans as extras, and the customer pays for them separately,” said Unterreiner. Another move by the major carriers to keep the competition alive involves pushing new smartphone deals as more affordable models become available to prepaid customers.

But, with the trend continuing toward the prepaid business becoming more similar to postpaid, the need for affordable prepaid device protection is evident and can be the game changer for client retention. Prepaid subscribers are typically more financially sensitive and can’t justify paying for devices and features they might consider nonessential.

“For that reason, device protection should be targeted from a pricing perspective. It must be affordable and structured to offer only the basics and avoid adding price pressure by layering on additional services. By offering them protection programs that fit their budgets, consumers are more likely to stay within their plans.”


Through Assurant’s prepaid protection programs, carriers can increase sales, drive revenue, improve the customer service experience, and create program efficiencies through a simple device protection offering.

 Assurant’s prepaid protection offerings include:

  • Simple tiered pricing that addresses prepaid customers’ price sensitivities, including affordable price tiers that target the entire customer base
  • Repair and replace options
  • Affordable fraud reduction tools
  • Sales optimization expertise with our engagement plans to drive enrollments
  • Simplified sales support and training that make it easier for front-line associates to offer protection

“Every prepaid carrier program we’ve taken over has experienced improved performance,” concluded Cosio. “Without exception, our industry-leading successful conversion experience has positively and significantly moved the needle in attach rates, revenue growth, churn, cost, and NPS.”

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