Discover EV perspectives from industry leaders that can help your business:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and rewards of EV ownership
  • Develop strategies for effective battery charging and infrastructure
  • Unlock insights into EV maintenance and battery longevity
  • Cultivate a positive EV mindset

How dealers can nurture the EV Transition

Holman Motors Director of Sustainability, Emily Graham makes clear that dealers need to be proactive in nurturing the EV mindset, understanding the customer’s needs, providing education, and generating excitement about their EV purchase.

How dealers can nurture the EV Transition pt.2

Assurant VP of Product, Joshua Sonnier elaborates on EV qualification based on understanding a customer’s needs and driving habits to provide the best overall experience.

Addressing Consumer Concerns pt.1

EV charging expert and CEO of Treehouse, Eric Owski talks about the need to help build confidence in the purchase by providing facts and data around EV charging costs and vehicle range to cut through myths and tell an objective story about ownership costs and vehicle performance.

Addressing Consumer Concerns pt.2

EV charging expert and VP of Global Partnerships at Wallbox discusses reliability concerns and using remote analytics to address potential issues and increase charging dependability.

Helping Customers Understand EV Savings

Holman Motors Director of Sustainability, Emily Graham addresses how dealers can help customers make the EV purchase affordable by properly accessing tax credits and incentives and know exactly what's available by dealership and location.