Today, F&I products have become increasingly commoditized. More often than not, there just aren’t that many differences in terms of performance and protection from one brand to another. This can present a challenge for dealers looking to stand out — and make more money — in a competitive market. This need for better products will only grow as customers face historically high vehicle prices, decreases in vehicle build quality, and the prospect of holding on to vehicles longer in response to inflation. To meet this need, we’ve introduced Assurant Vehicle Care, an all-new line of forward-thinking F&I products that push the envelope in terms of performance and profitability.


More coverage, more flexibility, and a better digital experience

Assurant Vehicle Care differs from other protection products in a range of important ways. Built from the ground up to meet the needs of today’s drivers, it leverages real-time market feedback to provide better products with more coverage, more flexibility, and easy-to-use digital car care and contract management. It offers expanded deductible options and added tiers of coverage, giving customers more choice and dealers more room to sell. And that means more opportunities for attachment at the dealership.


Assurant Vehicle Care manages to achieve a range of innovations that benefit both the dealer and the customer.


A win-win for dealers and customers

Assurant Vehicle Care manages to achieve a range of innovations that benefit both the dealer and the customer. For example, its expanded eligibility and term choices are extensive, covering even exotic, high-mileage, and used vehicles. So nearly every purchase that happens on the sales floor can qualify for an Assurant Vehicle Care product. And the benefits don’t stop there. The product line’s simpler contract terms help make the rest of the F&I process faster and more convenient. It also has some unique benefits particularly suited to meet today’s challenges. For instance, its pricing is optimized for the needs of today’s market. This is especially critical in light of the recent spike in repair inflation that has affected the profitability of service contracts industrywide.


More revenue with less hassle

Assurant Vehicle Care was designed to drive sales with less effort from the dealer. One way we achieved this was by increasing lender approvals and improving program consistency. This should be a hit with busy F&I managers looking to simplify their program. There’s also a suite of value-building, needs-based marketing tools that work online and off to pre-educate customers and get them across the finish line faster. And Assurant can also help to improve dealer profit after the paperwork is signed. As a leader in the F&I industry, we have the data and decades of actuarial experience to help optimize profit participation in most markets.

Assurant Vehicle Care was designed to drive sales with less effort from the dealer.


No discussion of Assurant Vehicle Care would be complete without mentioning its revamped digital experience. Assurant Vehicle Care Online combines the Vehicle Care by Assurant app and an easy-to-use customer website to streamline the customer experience. With it, customers can manage their product policies, check on claims, keep track of maintenance history, check for safety recalls, and more. It even helps drivers get in touch with their roadside assistance provider and get help with in-vehicle technology.


Assurant Vehicle Care: Innovation for a changing world.

F&I is a critical part of dealer revenue, especially in times of rapid change when revenue can come under threat. That’s why having truly innovative, differentiated F&I products like Assurant Vehicle Care can be so important to performance and profitability.

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