New Reseller Application

Welcome to the Mobile Reseller Network application page. To prepare to complete the application, please collect your organization’s:

  • Registered Business Information
  • Principal Information (i.e.Owner(s), President, CEO, CFO, COO, etc.)
  • Business Registration certificate
  • D/B/A Registration (where applicable)


The Mobile Reseller Network Application consists of two (2) parts:

  1. Application
  2. Export Compliance Questionnaire

*All references to Applicant shall mean the applying entity, any reference to Applicant shall also include any “Principal” and/or, any “Representative” authorized to perform on the applying entity’s behalf as provided by the Applicant.

Upon Supplier’s receipt of the completed application, the Applicant’s submitted information will be reviewed for approval. During the approval process, the application will undergo a due diligence review encompassing business entity and principal ownership compliance with applicable anti-money laundering laws, and U.S. export compliance regulations. Additionally, the business entity and each listed principal will be screened for appearance as a restricted or sanctioned party(ies) through the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control registries. In some cases, additional information may be required to finalize this review. If contacted, we ask the Applicant to be diligent in its response to any additional Supplier inquiry.

​Information collected during the application process will adhere to our Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy details our data collection practices and the steps the Supplier adheres to in order to protect the Reseller's information. It is our policy to comply with all anti-money laundering laws, U.S. export compliance regulations, and to screen each Applicant for restricted or sanctioned parties through the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control.

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