At Assurant, we figure out what’s stopping the businesses and consumers we serve, and find ways to keep them moving forward. We have a reputation for introducing new ideas to the marketplace that turn insight into competitive advantage. With decades of experience to draw upon, we’re well prepared to anticipate our client’s challenges and spot opportunities to help them succeed. But it’s our uncompromising values that keep us grounded and remind us of what matters most.


Our values guide the way we support our customers and work with one another.


We seek simple, straightforward solutions that keep life running smoothly for the clients and consumers we serve.


We treat others with respect, courtesy and kindness. We’re honest, transparent and committed to doing the right thing.


We seek diverse perspectives and thrive on challenge. We believe there’s always a way to build upon our successes.


We focus on actionable solutions that deliver measurable results. We approach each challenge with a sense of urgency, striving to exceed every expectation.


Assurant cares.

Our core values – Common Sense, Common Decency, Uncommon Thinking, Uncommon Results – guide our every action at Assurant. These values inspire our commitment to be a responsible corporate citizen.


More than a century of service, and going strong.

Assurant at the Beginning

Assurant traces its roots back to 1892 when LaCrosse Mutual Aid Association began offering disability insurance. Lacrosse later changed its name to Time Insurance Company. 

A Time of Growth 

Fortis, Inc. – Assurant’s predecessor – was formed when AMEV/VSB of the Netherlands and AG, joined forces in the first cross-border European merger in the financial sector. Fortis was a financial services company that, through its operating companies and affiliates, provided specialty insurance, such as prefunded funeral insurance, and investment products to businesses and individuals in the United States.  

Expansion to Latin America

In 2002, Assurant expanded operations to Latin America. Now, we operate in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Assurant Goes Public 

Fortis, Inc. completes its initial public offering process and Assurant begins to trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol AIZ. 

Assurant in Asia 

In 2008, Assurant expanded operations to Asia. Now, we operate in China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Australia. 

Assurant Acquires SureDeposit

This acquisition expanded Assurant's multifamily products and services to offer renters a low cost payment alternative to a security deposit.

A New Vision 

Assurant realigns the business to focus on the housing and lifestyle markets. As part of the restructuring, the company announced the wind down of its legacy health business and the selling of its employee benefits business. 

Assurant Expands Globally

Assurant acquires The Warranty Group, enhancing its size and presence in its vehicle protection, extended service contracts and financial services businesses across 21countries. It also is the largest acquisition in the company’s history. 


Keith Demmings

Keith W. Demmings

President and CEO
Assurant, Inc.

Keith W. Demmings is the president and chief executive officer of Assurant, Inc., and a director on the company’s board of directors. Mr. Demmings was named president and CEO in January 2022, after having served 25 years in various roles at Assurant.

As president and CEO, Mr. Demmings is responsible for leading the company’s global businesses, which include its Global Lifestyle and Global Housing operating segments. He is driving an agenda for Assurant to be the leading global business services company supporting the advancement of the connected world – across connected devices, connected cars, and in the connected home, while leveraging the opportunities created by the convergence across these lines of business. He is also driving profitable growth to lead to outperformance for Assurant’s customers, employees and shareholders, now and for the future – by being purposeful in helping people thrive in a connected world.

Mr. Demmings is committed to serving Assurant’s clients and customers with passion and purpose and driving a value creation mindset across the organization, championing growth and innovation. He fiercely advocates for a diverse and inclusive approach to the development, hiring, and deployment of talent. He is working to further collaboration to inspire curiosity to develop new ideas and solutions that enhance customer experience.

In 2016, Mr. Demmings was elevated to president of Global Lifestyle, including Assurant’s international operations. He led the rapid expansion of the Global Lifestyle business through organic growth, innovation of products and services across the business segment, and several acquisitions – including Assurant’s $2.5 Billion acquisition of The Warranty Group. Under his leadership, Global Lifestyle grew significantly to become Assurant’s largest business segment. Prior to that, he served as president, International, with overall accountability and management of Assurant’s global presence across all business lines, with operations throughout Asia, Canada, Europe, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. Ensuring the development of the company’s global mindset, he strengthened Assurant’s international footprint, expanding its capabilities and improving its competitive position.

Mr. Demmings began his career at Assurant in 1997 as a sales intern in Toronto, Canada, for what was then American Bankers. Progressing through the organization, he managed clients and increasingly larger P&L’s. Mr. Demmings eventually became the president of the Assurant’s Canadian business in 2005.

Mr. Demmings holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Victoria in Canada and lives with his family in Atlanta, Georgia.